Leadership is all about making your employees successful. 

At Change Et Al, we continuously work towards enabling Organisations to become Agile, Future Ready and making employees successful.   

Training we are popular for

Change Management Training


We created 4A model of Change keeping in mind our philosophy of People, Process & Culture. This methodology covers contemporary change methodologies for new age requirements. 

Working in a Matrix


Organizations keep creating Solid line, Dotted Line, Double reporting lines and these changes sometime create huge anxiety among your employees. . Get them ready.

Design Thinking


Speed, Agility, Innovation, Employee Experience or Customer Experience. Organizations are trying to create a different DNA and  Design Thinking is your foundations.

Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma Training can build a solid  foundation of everything organizations do. This methodology has helped many professionals build their career and many organizations successful.  

Agile HR


HR is going through one of the most exciting phase of our lifetime. How ready is your HR team?  Get them to participate. Learn the entire methodology and get help to execute.

Leadership Alignment


Sometimes you don't want an agenda, you want a dialogue within your team. Dialogue to align your team, get them to speak the same language,  challenge, collaborate and then go out and execute like a winning team.  TOGETHER. Allow us to help.

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Our team is primarily based in Singapore and India. We work with our associates or directly in other geographies. 

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